The Coolest Live Show # 9

All of these videos are wicked awesome, but the coolest of the cool rock star live shows is AC/DC!

They have been performing for decades and they truly know the meaning of ‘memorable visual experience’. They use lights, props, and a custom stage to get the crowd seriously riled up and ready to rock! Their music naturally puts a different energy in their fans and the style keeps the entertainment flowing. Among many others from their time, this band knows how to put on a real live show. Many of the older rock bands used custom stages and other serious shite, and I think that needs to come back more today. Some of the huge acts today, like Lade Gaga and Beiber are def. taking advantage and doing it- but I want to figure out a way somehow to create a trend of everyone doing it, event at the smaller shows. That would be awesome. Enjoyy

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