The Coolest Live Show # 10

This is Beats Antique. They are an incredible up and coming band who has made their mark quite strongly on any music enthusiast who encounters them. Their sound is a mix of indian and egyptian vibrations with the classical violin, worldly beats and the electricity from technology. This trip consists of a drummer, another dude who does the electro, violin and banjo, and Zoe- the rhythmic, beautiful belly dancer who is the life of the show.

With maybe one video on YouTube over 1,000,000 views, they are still growing rapidly and have become a regular on the festival circuit. This live show is f’real. Zoe creates a special experience with their fans and the music creates a dance party exploding in every crowd. This is a style of ‘live showism’ that is not hard to create, not expensive, and very lucrative. I highly recommend this band as well as their strategy. Enjoyy

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