Shakti is a band which plays Indian music combined with elements of jazz. Its leading member was the English guitar player John Mclaughlin but it also featured the Indian violinist L.Shankar. It also had Zakir Hussain(tabla), Ramnad Raghavan(mridamgham,percussion from South India), and Vikku Vinayakram on the ghatam(percussion from South India). This means that it was also a fusion of Hindustani and Carnatic(South Indian) music traditions. The song that I am posting is a very beautiful song by Remember Shakti. Remember Shakti doesn’t have L.Shankar and the other two people from the South of India. It has U.Srinivas on the mandolin and Vikku’s son Selvaganesh on the kanjira(South Indian percussion). The singer performs sometimes with the band. I find the fusion very interesting that is why I am posting it.

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