Schools of Tabla playing!!

I mentioned in the previous post that there are 6 schools of tabla playing. The Delhi gharana(school) is the oldest. I am going to talk about the two popular schools of tabla playing in the present era which are Benaras and Punjab. The Benaras gharana was developed a little over 200 years ago by Pandit Ram Sahai. There is a lot of versatility in this school of playing in the sense that it could be played delicately as well as powerfully. Kishan Maharaj was the most popular representative of the gharana. Initially a pakhawaj-playing gharana,the Punjab school was created in the 19th century. Like I mentioned earlier, all these gharanas have their repertoires. The compositions of both Benaras and Punjab are totally different from each other.I am posting a couple of videos which would make it clear how different they are one another.

One thought on “Schools of Tabla playing!!

  1. I took an Indian music history class with Ustad Imrat Khan (sitar player!) a loooong time ago and I’m pretty sure I remember him talking about Ustad Zakir Hussain!

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