Mumford and Sons go COUNTRY!

Mumford and Sons go COUNTRY!

As I have stated before in previous posts, I am a huge country fan. I have been for a while and I won’t lie; It’s hard being in a place where other country lovers are far and few in between.  However, I am thankful for my iTunes and streaming companies to keep me in the loop of whats going on in the country world back in the states so I can be in the know of up and coming songs, what’s popular, and who is making an impact on the country market.  Interestingly enough, I would have never thought that the famous folk band that I am a huge fan of would have made it onto Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.  That’s right. Mumford & Sons debuted at number 58 on Billboard’s Country Airplay tally with their song “I Will Wait” from their latest album, Babel. At first, I thought to myself, how can this be?? I am so used to artists such as Carrie Underwood, Luke Byran, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton to be the ones on these charts: not any folk bands… But if one really listens to M&S’s song, they can really detect the country format through their “banjo-infused stylings” that have drawn the curiosity of the country world.  Although it is not the conventional country song that one would think of, the song has crossed barriers and reached a new audience for M&S, which is only great for their growth of fans and revenues. According to WWKA PD J.R. Schumann, “The song just fits… If it had been done by Dierks Bentley or Zac Brown Band, it would already be a No. 1 country hit.”  I am interested to see if any of their other songs will appear on country music stations and if they will become more popular in this particular industry.  If they come to be a favorite amongst country listeners, this could be huge for their career.  

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