Mudd Club NYC


“New York’s fly-by-night crowd of punks, posers and the ultra-hip has discovered new turf on which to flaunt its manic chic. It is the Mudd Club…. For sheer kinkiness, there has been nothing like it since the cabaret scene in 1920s Berlin.”-People, July 16, 1979. 

Named after Samuel Alexander Mudd, a physician who assisted in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Mudd Club opened its doors on 77 White Street in TriBeCa, October 1978.

If you were elite enough, or at least up-and-coming enough to make it past the strict bouncer policy you would be able to find artist like Jean-Michel Basquiat and his girlfriend Madonna, and on the fourth floor a rotating gallery curated by artist Keith Harring.

Keith Haring

Mudd Club Card MembersLauraKMudd

Mudd Clubb was the spot for punk, new wave, and experimental music (Johnny Thunders, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, B52’s). Inside Mudd Club was also a catwalk, for up and coming designers to have fashion exhibits; icons such as Betsey Johnson and Maripol (responsible for Madonnas Mid-80’s look) were regulars.

Mudd Club closed in 1983, the original owner Steve Mass has since opened another Mudd Club in 2001, located at Grosse Hamburger Strasse 17 in Berlin.

” the Mudd Club was art it wasn’t rock n’ roll it was art.” Joey Kelly (BUDDY LOVE)

Below are some songs that mention the Mudd Club:

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