Just StageIt!!!

As the music industry is affected (like almost any other industry) by the recession, musicians are finding ways to make ends meet, since record sales and normal touring schedules do not seem to suffice in providing enough profit for artists any longer. Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter are common place in the industry. Digital streaming sites such as Rhapsody and Spotify are becoming the main ways that consumers receive their music and they hardly meet the requirements for a financial substitute for CDs. But something interesting is on the horizon. The idea of streaming concerts and performances… live. I introduce to you, StageIt, an online concert venue where performers can broadcast live and interactive experiences directly from a laptop. The service offers a unique fan experience in real time with the artists. For the fans, it provides a great opportunity to get to know their favorite performers, as well as interact with them by requesting songs, making comments and tipping them. Additionally, fans can meet other like-minded fans and make friends. Yay! For the performers, it’s a great situation. Essentially they are making $$ from their laptop as long as they have a proper web cam. They are able to tour every city from one location, which clearly cuts down on any travel, food, and lodging costs… pretty sweet!! The performers are able to communicate back with their fans in REAL TIME and it give them a tremendously valuable and intimate experience. StageIt is not just for big and well known performers such as Haley Reinhart, Kriss Allen, Tyler Hilton, Trey Songz, and Jake Owen (just to name a few who have already used the platform)… No, no. Averages Joes and Janes, like you and I can set up an account with StageIt and perform for whomever would care to tune in, whoever calls themselves our ‘biggest fans’ which for me would probably be my mom… and how would you, as an artist make money?? Glad you asked. You can either a) set a price for your concert, most likely a low one because really, how much are you going to be spending on producing this concert unless you have to go out and buy a new laptop? If that’s the case, then we’ve got another issue to deal with. b) have a free concert but have the option for TIPS which fans can give you while you perform. Or c) which equals a+b. Simple. Easy. AFFORDABLE. and a new concept, thought up by a couple of dudes who saw a niche in the market that needed to be filled, especially in this day and age when touring might not be as feasible for a band or artist, but you still have to pay the rent somehow!

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