Green Day Embarks Onto New Territory!

The well known band that started in San Francisco in the 1990s is making a comeback. Green Day and their marketing team have developed a wonderful strategy for relaunching themselves incorporating the NFL, television network CBS, and the time consuming and addictive game of Angry Birds. Green Day is using these non-music affiliated platforms to launch their disc trio entitled “Uno” “Dos” and “Tre” respectively. For the NFL, Green Day was given the honor of having their songs be used at the beginning and during break times of televised games in the month of September 2012. CBS’s acclaimed show, CSI, used Green Day’s music for the first thirty minutes of its season opener, where no lines or words were used. Each scene was set to Green Day’s music from it’s first album “Uno”. CSI’s director for this episode believed that Green Day’s lyrics from this first album of the trilogy fit the scenes and story lines for this episode perfectly and that is why she decided to use their music for this creative endeavor. Last, but definitely not least, Green Day has their very own version of the crazily popular game, Angry Birds, where the entire game and all its levels is accompanied by Green Day music and even some of the animal characters are formatted after the three members of the band. All three ventures have added a large number to their fan base. Consumers who may have known the NFL, CSI, or Angry Birds but maybe did not listen the band before now most likely know who they are at least, if not actual fans now. Green Day has branched out of the confinements of the music industry by applying their works to somewhat unconventional industries. Yet, this plan was well thought out, and for lack of a better term, brilliant. Applause to their marketing team and for really thinking out of the box.

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