Cracki Records

Cracki Records is most certainly one of the most interesting Electronic Music Label in France at the moment. Why? Because they are gambling on something different, very far from the current trends in electronic music (namely deep-house).

The label’s main artists are Renart, L’Impératrice, Isaac Delusion and Larcier. I love them all.

Renart‘s music is very introspective, very meaningful, with deep basses and dry percussions… This track, with Renart’s little brother’s voice, is beautiful. Don’t miss it :

L’Imperatrice has a very different style. This song features a rapper, groovy synths and appears to be more traditionnal in its structure. It is an unexpected choice from this label, but it is so efficient, so logical, it works so well.

Larcier produces a jazz-inspired electronic music, but mixes many genres. House, techno, jazz, and ambiant. The repetitive vocal of this song reminds me many tunes from Saint Germain (acid-house god).

Isaac Delusion is probably the most successful artist of the label. He also is the most pop-oriented one, mainly because he sings on his productions.

This video has been created by a japanese vj who plays at some concerts of the label.


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