Classical Music Goes Clubbing

Classical music is making a comeback, and I personally am very happy about that. Usually, classical concerts are thought to be stuffy and for the old and elderly. Fortunately, there are people around my age (20’s & 30’s) that have continued to find beauty in one of the oldest forms of music in history. Thankfully, some concert promoters have recognized the benefit of presenting classical music in a nightclub setting. Mixing the new with the old. Brilliant. The Universal label established Yellow Lounge in Berlin eight years ago and did so again in the U.K. last year. These events happen on a semi-regular basis, usually one to two times per month, and feature superstars within the classical industry such as Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti and harpist Catrin Finch. And the frosting on the cake?? The ticket price is only $16! Other infusions of modern day music such as DJs and video installations add a bit of interaction to the whole experience. By keeping the real quality of classical music, a new and young audience is able to get into a new genre of music the they wouldn’t have otherwise known where to start, mostly because classical music is an expensive business. Knowing about what is happening though ventures such as Yellow Lounge is refreshing. It reassures me that people my age and the generations to come will be able to experience a type of music that I find beautiful and beneficial to my life and that I would love to continue to pass onto listening ears to come, especially in a world that is focused on extremely digitized sounds.

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