Classical Music and Wrestling. Yup.

Classical Music and Wrestling. Yup.

What do wresting, Tibetan singing bowls, and orchestral scoring have in common? Shaun El C. Leonardo’s performance entitled, The Arena. Leonardo, who is also a painter and sculptor, has been “deconstructing hyper-masucline stereotypes by engaging in red-blooded activities and survey pop culture hero paradigms.” In relation to the central themes of my blog posts, I would say that this is an interesting, new, and obscure connection of classic music forms exploring new platforms. According to the article of this author, Joel Luks, “Chances are that a concert goer with a penchant for the timbers of western classical music may never set foot inside a boxing ring to spectate wrestling, just as a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment may not seek out chamber music recitals as a weekend leisure activity.” And I would say that I have to agree with him. What an interesting concept: combining classical music with Greco-Roman brawls. At the same time, it’s interesting, and innovative. Although it may not be Leonardo’s main concern or purpose, but people who are fans of wrestling but may not listen to classical music are being introduced to a new genre and engaging in music in a new way. The same goes the other way: for people who listen to classical music but don’t necessarily watch wrestling. It’s an interesting concept and a way to attract a new audience on both ends, and when thought of lucratively, that most likely means more ca$h for both industries.

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