The Coolest Live Show # 8

Thus far, I have posted about the best ‘light’ shows, ‘laser’ shows, LED screens and projectors – some being incredible live bands rocking and rolling and the others, well hit electronic acts incorporating wild visual experiences. But nothing like this has been seen yet. This is an example of the new meeting the old, the ‘future’ meeting the ‘past’. This is Lady Gaga, one of the biggest Rock Stars in the music scene today and yes, she takes full advantage of it all.

Not only does she incorporate the lights and LED screens, but she uses a custom stage, props, costumes and a team of dancers to tell a story. In more ways than one, her performance is like going to see a play- each song has a different routine and tells a different story. LIke many of the old rock stars – The Rolling Stones, ACDC, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Eminem (I saw him once with a ferris wheel on stage) and many more – Lady Gaga takes full advantage of the ability to have a custom stage and all of the works. In turn, we as the fans are lucky enough to be able to have an amazing concert experience. Enjoyy

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