Mount Kimbie

As you may have noticed, I’m blogging about artists who are creating new genres, who are taking electronic music to a new level. Mount Kimbie is one of those.

Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie are two English producers, Kai Campos and Dom Maker, who are making music together, but separately. One of them records some stuff, sends it to the other who add something, sends it back, and so on…

Nicolas Jaar mentioned them as one of his biggest influences, but their music is very different. They come from the dubstep scene, but produce something more “accomplished”, more intelligent. They add a ton of little sounds recorded here and there, on the edge of ambient music, that gives an almost hypnotic result. They use samples, add guitars, vintage synths, but on a dub background. It’s really cool.
They were first noticed by the very famous online magazine Pitchfork, and are the creators of the movement we now call “post-dubstep”.
Here is their first album, released in 2010 on Hotflush Recordings. My two favorite tracks are Before I Move Off and Carbonated.


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