Melodic instruments of Hindustani music!

I am going to talk about the most popular melodic instrument of India in this post. It is called the ‘sitar’.The sitar is one of the premier concert instruments of Hindustani music. It has a half-gourd body, wooden face, and long, hollow wooden neck which is a structure similar to that of the drone instrument called tanpura. The standard sitar has twenty arched metal frets tied to the neck with nylon thread. These are movable to different scale positions. The sitar has six or seven main strings that run over the main platform bridge and thirteen sympathetic strings running under the frets and resting on a small bridge of their own. Sitars are made in various centers of North India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but two styles of concert sitar, developed in Calcutta, have now become the most common. Both the styles represent the two stylistic schools that dominate professional sitar playing. Ravi Shankar’s sitar is bigger and more ornamentally decorated than Vilayat Khan’s sitar. These two were the greats of sitar playing. I will post a video of Vilayat Khan playing a very popular raga on his sitar and then I will post a video of Ravi Shankar playing on his sitar. This would show us the difference in the structure of the two sitars and also given an exposure to this beautiful instruments played by two of the greatest sitar maestros. 

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