Hunx and His Punx Wish you the Gayest of Holidays!!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 10.32.34 AM

Need a last minute holiday gift for your little nephew? Hunx and his Punx have just the thing! Leader of a queercore band with a small but fervent following, this amazing individual is rolling out his wares for all to enjoy! Well, maybe not all… Anyway, he makes to-die-for music, (check out ‘Private Room’); he has been featured by Pitchfork and his YouTube views are nothing to joke about. More importantly, he is quite the business man: there’s a web series, the self-indulgent Hollywood Nailz; he makes holiday specific songs for purchase (imagine what he did for Halloween- he didn’t want to suck your ‘blood’, let’s just say) and now he is further expressing himself with a store full of paraphernalia including the above magnets, DVD Limited Edition DVD, and his impossible to find “Gay Singles” French CD! It’s easy to take this artist lightly; that’s the point. Regardless, his vision is clear: Upon introduction to this genius, you enter a world of fantasy, sex and egregious nonsense that is impossible to ignore. Now you and yours can have a little piece of it in your home, too. Just visit to be a part of it all. Help Hunx and all of his Punx have a holiday full of…whatever it is that they do. Cheers!

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