The Coolest Live Show # 7

And this is Deadmou5. He is another one of the leading electronic artists in the electronic music game today; but more of the ‘main-stream’, mainly because he is so recognizable. Yes, it is quite impressive.

Here, he is working with the Nokia brand to launch some of the newest technology, meanwhile creating one of the wildest outside shows in history. They use projections to shoot visual graphics on an entire building acting as their canvas. Now this is definitely innovative and it for sure breaks new records, but is it something that interests you to the fullest? For me, well yes maybe if it was in a more rural location, but I don’t know how much dancing their doing in this London October. Either way, the live show is breaking barriers of entertainment and setting new standards for the music industry. Enjoyy

4 thoughts on “The Coolest Live Show # 7

  1. yea man that’s freakin nuts, I saw another video of this a bit earlier this year. Good stunt by Nokia, probably super expansive. Worth the effort? Probably not cause no one has that phone lol but still pretty cool.

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