The Coolest Live Show # 6

This new electronic artist has taken the idea of ‘stage presence’ to a whole new level. But wait, where is the artist? Welcome to the world of Amon Tobin.
He and his team have created something so unique, new fans are often confused as to what exactly is happening. They has created a series of three dimensional cubes and amongst the madness, sits the genius. As you watch the video, focus your attention on the center cube and soon you will see the master at work. The idea of this ‘visual experience’ is a bit different than the others, for this is a ‘blank’ structure working as a canvas for a projector. The projector shoots different visual graphics to tell a story while the artist makes the beat flow. His music is quite mellow at times and some say it is a lot like going to watch a movie. You have to be able to see the stage at this show, or you are definitely missing half of it. This creation ranks top of the top with the innovative electronic music artists in the music game today. Sit back and enjoyy

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