Rick Rubin, One of Music Production’s Biggest Cash Cows


The iconic founder of Def Jam Records has gone a long way. He has been a producer on so many albums his discography has its own extensive Wikipedia article. The genres he has worked with are endless, from LL Cool J to Johnny Cash to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Slayer. His net worth is $400 million, according to therichest.org. Well, we all know that in order for “cash cows” to stay in the game and not become “dogs”, they have to invest their time and money in other things with potential. So what’s next for Rick Rubin, other than him starting to look increasingly like Charles Darwin?

He is taking on more of an executive producer role, according to Billboard.biz. Rubin had a stint working as Columbia (Sony)’s co-president. Now, he has signed a P&D deal with Universal Republic. Smart move, Universal. 

With Live Nation constantly riding its tail, Universal needs to beef up its production department, strengthen their core business, and become the best at something Live Nation really has no experience with. Reel in all the top producers from the outside and Live Nation can’t even think about trying to compete in that aspect of the record industry.

One thought on “Rick Rubin, One of Music Production’s Biggest Cash Cows

  1. “Charles Darwin”…nice haha.
    And we all know Live Nation can’t compete with Universal when it comes to music/production. And thanks for sharing the video.. I loved every single part of it.

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