Located at 156 Rivington Street in New York City’s Lower East Side, ABC No Rio was founded in 1980 by artists/activist for a community where people can share culture, resources, ideas to impact society; they have stayed true to this even today.


Once a week ABC No Rio has series of experimental and improvisational music called COMA (citizens ontological music agenda) almost every Sunday at 7pm.

ABC has been providing a Saturday Matinee show since the 1980’s all age shows dedicated to independent punk and hardcore. The 3pm-7pm matinee shows average price is an affordable $7.


For booking they ask that you mail in a practice/recording/demo through “regular mail in an envelope”; the one thing they are strict on is that they DO NOT book any sexist racist or homophobic bands, and ask that you send a copy of the lyrics along with the demo. Hardcore is a scene that has a lot of trouble booking shows, due to the sometimes messy crowd dancing that goes on; none the less ABC No Rio give the space to let these artists express themselves.

ABC No Rio also provides a computer center, a darkroom, a silk screen printing facility and a zine library at free to very modest prices.

nyc_photo_blog_nat_ma-17It is great that a space like this is still around in Manhattan to help artist and activist perform, discover, and create freely.

For more info on ABC No Rio and to Donate to their Building Fund go to

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