The Coolest Live Show

So the first three posts included the best, Phish, and the second best, Umphrey’s Mcgee, ‘light’ shows in the music industry today and the best ‘laser’ show, Ghostland Observatory. Now I am bringing you an explanation of the trend that has hit the music scene and is snowballing into the future. This is Bassnectar.
He is a solo electronic artist who has blown up in the scene of ‘Dubstep’. He is now touring internationally on a regular basis and is a frequent headliner at numerous music festivals. He is developed his fan base of ‘bassheads’ and continues to make crowds erupt with joy. One big part of his show is the visual aspect. Bassnectar has combined the ‘lights’ of a light show with the new and improved technology of LED screens. He has taken this idea to whole new level and size. The combination of the fierce music, numerous screens and all the lights keeps people coming back for more, everywhere in the world. enjoy

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