And the winner is…


James Arthur was crowned as the X Factor 2012 winner last night after fighting off fierce competition from runner-up Jahmene Douglas and third placed Christopher Maloney.

After performing on Saturday night with his mentor Nicole, he stole the show with his rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on” and his winner’s single “Impossible” which was released by Shontelle in 2010. All profits from the single will be go to the charity, Together for Short Lives, which gives support to children with life threatening conditions.

After being announced as the winner, James was lost for words and praised his fellow contestant saying, “I think it’s just a blessing to share the stage with such a talent.”

To conclude, I have been blogging about talent shows, X Factor in particular and their ability to create lasting superstars. It is clear that these shows are declining in popularity and credibility. Although they do provide a platform to gain a huge amount of exposure and give talented artists a place to be spotted by various A&R people, ultimately they are entertainment shows. Novelty acts are needed to generate media buzz and encourage people to watch. Its no longer about finding the next biggest thing in music as much as it used to be but rather about entertaining the audience by including ridiculous acts, judges bickering and getting superstars to perform at result shows. Nevertheless, I am still a fan and will continue to watch these shows but I have to admit that X Factor this year lost me as a regular viewer.

To finish of here is James performing the winner’s single “Impossible” which is predicted as a 5 -1 favorite to be Christmas number one. I’m glad James won – he is unique and ready to sell records like now!

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