If you live in NYC and haven’t seen this little caricature in every venue you go to you’re going to the wrong clubs.


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of assisting one the greatest most colorful independent promoter/manager/booking agent of New York City, MR. FRANK WOOD.

Frank began his career in the live music scene while still in high school, organizing the bands for school dances.“I found out my school had a budget! So, I could’ve booked Columbia recording artist Bruce Springsteen…My cousin played drums for him in the ‘70s. I’m like, fuck, I can get five bands to play instead of three! I’d tell the school I was giving them two hundred each but I was only giving them a hundred. I would print up like twelve hundred tickets and I’d tell the school I printed up a thousand. So we’d go out after the basketball games to a diner and I’d be like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this one. It’s on the school government.”

In the 80’s Frank worked security for many different bands; “I’ve done security for everyone, The (Grateful)Dead, The Who, the (Rolling) Stones, the (New York) Dolls. I did security at Shea Stadium with The Who, The Clash, and Davey Johansen…”

For over 30 years Frank has been booking bands from all over the USA, Europe and Japan, a growing list of 868 great bands. Special guests and legendary rock and rollers from bands like the NEW YORK DOLLS, MURPHY’S LAW, DAVID PEEL, TELEVISION, and THE HEARTBREAKERS can be seen making surprise appearances at many of his shows. Below is a picture of Frank Wood and Cheryl Wildcat with surprise guest Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) at Frank Wood’s WIND DOWN SUNDAY at OTTO’s SHRUNKEN HEAD on July 8th 2012.  


All in all going to a “Frank Wood presents” show is a guaranteed good time at an affordable price; as Frank would say “Unless you’re rich, getting laid or working, this is the best bang for your buck in NYC!”

fw3312-1Photograph  by Rick Edwards

Upcoming shows and more info on FRANK WOOD can be found at

Quotes taken from what Frank has told me and The Bowery Boys article on Frank Wood

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