AFRICAN MUSIC #4: Nat Geo Music – A niche record label since 2009


National Geographic introduced in January 2009, Nat Geo Music, new record label from the  featuring the best in modern global sounds. Their music division was named and launched under the same name in 2006. Their goal was to release and promote artist from a variety of musical genre with the initial advantage of providing publishing administration services to the more than 16,000 music clues owned by them. Smart, isn´t it? Kobalt has been a leading independent global music service publisher in the past years. Now they do the publishing for Nat Geo. 

Today, in 2012, the have hundreds of artists under varied music genres and it is definitely a Record Label that is focused on a niche market. The name and the brand of Nat Geo is very strong. The question is, will this company be able to maintain profitable numbers and succeed by maintaing the company´s vision? Revenues channels for Nat Geo Music are found though the TV channel, magazines ( for the other divisions of the company), live events in Europe, publishing rights and record label services.



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