Hindustani Tala!!

Tala is the rhythm aspect of Hindustani music. Tala is a rhythmic cycle consisting of several beats. There are many talas in Hindustani music and the most common taal is called the teen taal. It consists of 16 beats. So basically,it is a 16 beat cycle. All talas have their own names just like teen taal. The most fascinating aspect about Indian rhythm is that it is like a language. There are hundreds of rhythmic phrases and you play what you actually recite. The instrument ‘tabla’ is the most popular rhythmic instrument in Hindustani music. The 1st beat(sam) is the most important beat and every time a person ends his musical piece,he/she would take a ‘tihai'(a musical phrase repeated thrice) and land on the 1st beat. So,a person could take a ‘tihai’ even from 7.5 and come on the 1st beat. This means,there is a lot of maths too going on in Indian rhythm. I am posting a video of a person explaining teen taal on the tabla.

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