Hindustani Raga!!

A simple definition of raga is some combination of notes which charms the mind and produces the moods of love, joy, pathos, heroism, and peace. Such a definition actually belongs to no particular culture. However, a North Indian classical raga is a musical complex with a great history and significant spiritual implications,with extramusical implications regarding time,personality, and mood. Basically, it is not simply a scale or a mode. It is like a face of a person. Every raga has its own face,its own personality like I  mentioned earlier. A raga uses a series of 5 or more musical notes upon which a melody is constructed. However, the importance lies in how the notes are rendered or approached to convey a feeling rather than the notes themselves. There is a structure for every raga with regards to its ascending and descending. Some of the notes are more important than the others depending on the raga. There are ragas for morning,afternoon,evening and night. There are ragas for even different seasons. This is just a basic overview of what a Hindustani raga is. Now,I am going to post a video explaining what is a raga.

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