Brief History of Punk Rock

Punk Rock started in NYC with the street rock band THE RAMONES in 1974. The main venues that allowed for this new music to be played was CBGB OMFUG and Max’s Kansas CIty. Punk stemmed from the Street Rock started as a branch off of the New Wave scene.

The 1975 Malcolm McLaren took what he saw in New York and formed the Sex Pistols in the UK. Creating a whole new hard image for the growing Punk Scene.

In 1976 the Clash broke into the punk scene incorporating a mix of reggae as the scene continued to grow.

Over the years it has one off and becomes many different strains of the original such as grunge, hardcore, pop punk.

Although there have been many different version of punk the message stays the same. Punk has always been a music of the people, it does not require much musical skills just the right amount of energy, shock and a DIY message.

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