Techno is a binary music, repetitive, elegant, subtle, and simple. One of the pioneer genres of electronic music, techno is far from the dance music you can hear in a supermarket or in a shampoo commercial. The beautiful techno is having trouble getting democratized. Just so we’re clear, let’s not agree on the statement that electronic music is everywhere, from David Guetta to Deadmau5. According to what people say, techno is popular.
But no my friends, people lie to you. Electronic music hasn’t reached your home. The one you buy is something else. It is like comparing Bach to Rebecca Black. Techno has nothing in common with what most people think it is. Listen to it.
To this day, quality techno artists that have reached a large audience such as Daft Punk are very rare. Yet it is a universal music, if not THE universal music. No language barrier, and a positive energy flow.
Techno is good for your health; politics should encourage its consumption. But instead of spreading the word, mass medias just ignore this large underground movement. The only few times techno artists are on TV, it is in “cultural shows” to discuss topics like “Techno is not music” ‘techno is a trend” or “techno was invented by Medelin cartels and Amsterdam labs to sell more drugs”.
But no one is interested to tell the world where those artists come from, where this music comes from, why there is no chorus in techno? What kind of life a techno fan lives? And why a music made by a single guy in his bedroom can move thousands of people on a dance floor for 8 hours straight? Techno creates a collective energy, and those artists can fill entire stadiums just as well as rock or pop artists, but mass media prefers rock or pop, and nobody knows why.
Where the basic BOOM BOOM mainstream electro gives you a headache, the real beautiful techno is a medicine, it has a social role, it develops your imagination, your desire of evasion. Please listen to this carefully, and with headphones or decent speakers, and you will understand.

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