Remember Shania Twain?

Remember Shania Twain? Well she will now be a resident artist at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. That’s right, she is now a Vegas girl! Following the likes of other aging stars such as Celine Dion and Rod Stewart who have also (at one point in their long lives) chosen to have contract performances in Las Vegas, Shania Twain opened her “Still the One” residency last Saturday (December 1) and it was full of the flashiness expected in “Vegas performances”. Shimmering bodysuits, motorcycles in the air and of course, this pop-country diva needs her horse!


Some statements from The New York Times review of the opening concert entitled– “Rebound, as Demure as Ever. Shania Twain at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas”:

Ms. Twain used to specialize in extravaganza, and this show was merely flashy and energetic”

 “All her old personae were on display. In places she was the rural Canadian girl made good, and in others she was the pop-country diva who rewrote genre rules”

 It is back now [her voice], even if this busy, rotely dizzying new show didn’t take full advantage of it… they swallowed her whole, and sometimes her backup singers threatened to drown her out altogether

 Setting aside these unexceptional criticisms, it appears that Shania Twain has found a way to save herself, and it is working. On the one hand she may never be able to sell 10-million copies of an album consecutively as she did before. Since those days she has had personal issues as well as major struggles with her voice. In fact she has not performed since 2004 and has had relatively low-spotlight in the media.

But more notably, the Shania Twain brand seems to still be a cash cow. Tickets range from $55 to $250 (plus applicable fees) and she will be on residency for two years. Also merchandise outside the venue included a black top hat ($20), T-shirts ($60), perfume ($35) and shot glasses ($10).

It is interesting that she has not announced a release of any future album, solidifying once again the importance of live performance as more important than album sales (the reverse would be true just barely a decade ago). Perhaps Vegas is not such a bad thing for artists like Shania Twain.


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