Estrella Damm is a Catalan pilsener, founded in Barcelona in 1876.

Damm group is the corporation that produces Estrella Damm beer, Woll-Damm, Xibeca, Free Damm, Bock Damm and few others.

The brand is becoming an ambassador of Barcelona and a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Besides of music event sponsorship such as La Mercè (Barcelona annual major celebration), Sónar and Barcelona Jazz Festival, the company is promoting the work of several graphic artists, organizing contests to design advertising posters and limited edition bottles.

Chicks_on_speed_design_Estrella_Damm  Alex_Trochut_Beer_Estrella_Damm


Even though the company is promoting local artists and events, foreign bands are mainly the ones chosen for its TV commercials. Damm’s music strategy is not as local oriented as San Miguel’s one.

Nevertheless, Spanish public seems to enjoy the music selected by the brand and recent themes have surprisingly became summer hits. The company knew how to build expectation and the audience is year after year waiting for the new campaign to be disclosed.

Recent TV commercials:

2009 – Location: Formentera. Song: “Summercat”. Band: Billie the vision and the dancers.


2010 – Location: Menorca. Song: “Applejack”. Band: The triangles.


2011 – Location: Catalan Northern coast, El Bulli restaurant. Song: “I wish that I could see you soon”. Band: Herman Düne. Spot directed by Isabel Coixet.


2012 – Location: Mallorca. Song: “You can’t say no forever”. Band: Lacrosse


Estrella Damm is encouraging people to discover amazing places that have been neglected during many years by national tourists. Such commercials not only helped the bands to expand their fan base, but also were an important contribution for the locations that appeared in the spots. Actually, after watching such commercials lot of people decided to spend their holidays in Formentera or Menorca…well done!

Additional info:

Monica Manubens


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