Would the fee structure of pay + free per download succeed in China?!

Since people in China have started to use Internet, music is free and legal to download from website such as Baidu and QQ music, however, that may be changing.

According to Jian, Lu, CEO of an independent record label company in China, the main record label companies such as Universal and Warner will alliance with those music download websites such as QQ music, Baidu and Kugoo and supported by the government to carry out new fee structure in 2013 so the internet user could pay for the music, though user only pay for the high quality music but free to download low quality music.

Based on the Internet survey, 80% of users in China refuse to pay for the music as they used to download music for free, yet record label companies prefer user to pay for listening to the song from the website so it is possible that the new fee structure, the combination of pay + free download music structure model will be accepted by user.

However, the record label companies are still negotiating with those websites about the free download part so it is hard to know that whether this alliance will succeed.

From my point of view, although China government is supporting the pay + free fee structure but if they do not modify the copyright regulation that could guarantee musician and record label company to get the right amount of royalties from their music, more commercial music will be produced and people would not pay for the song that is not sincerity and inspire them.





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