THINKBAND 9: Bye bye Warner Music…

Last week Metallica ended their 28+ year relationship with Warner Music in order to launch their brand new label: Blackened Recordings. This move will allow the band a 100% control over their master recordings, including music and videoclips.


Even when the label was considered enough with the band’s terms (in 1994 they re-negotiated their contract to please the band’s requirements) it seems that Metallica’s assets are bigger than any offer Warner could give. Behind this strategy is music business mastermind Cliff Burnstein, the responsible to bring the band from the underground stage to the mainstream stardom. Earlier this year Burnstein stated that despite their successful tours the band had more liabilities than ever and needed to expand their business in new and disruptive ways. The time has come and the band started to stay away from the traditional path.


Metallica’s first release under their own label will be Quebec Magnetic, a 3D concert movie that will be premiered this monday December 10th. Blackened Recordings will take care of all marketing and promotional activities while the distribution duties will be under Rhino Entertainment and with a licensing deal with Universal Music Group.

Time for Metallica to start being the real masters of puppets.


2 thoughts on “THINKBAND 9: Bye bye Warner Music…

  1. This awesome. Metallica is always doing something crazy, It should be cool to see what approach they take when they release a new album. I bet they invent a music format that can’t be pirated or something hahah. As far as Warner is concerned nobody really likes the new Metallica anyways so if they still hold all the rights to their old music they still pretty much own like 99% of Metallica.
    Great post Jimi! Well written. \m/ hah

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