I already knew that Spanish brewing companies such as Mahou-San Miguel Group and Damm had been using music as a marketing solution to connect with consumers but I was very impressed to discover how music is integrated into their brand’s image.

Music is not only being used as a marketing tool but also as an important part of the company’s core values. It helps to communicate and differentiate the attitude and character of the firm.

The Group Mahou-San Miguel has positioned itself as the leading brewing company in the Spanish beer market. The company was founded in Madrid in 1890, under the name of Hijos de Casimiro Mahou, fabrica de hielo y cerveza (Sons of Casimiro Mahou, production of ice and beer).

Cinema, sport and music are the three major areas the company has supported in recent years. A documentary, directed by Marten Persiel in 2010 was a smart project that combined those tree activities.

San Miguel decided to promote its brand producing a 11 minutes film in which Spanish professional surfers and the band We are Standard, all of them residents in the Basque Country, share its experiences.

The musicians had to attend surf instructions and surfers had to learn how to play an instrument. Check it out:


San Miguel wants to encourage certain activities and even though its main objective is to produce and sell beers, the company is highly committed to stimulate a kind of healthy lifestyle.

Having a beer after a surf session or after playing music in company of some good friends is a brilliant idea, don’t you think?

In relation to advertising, the brand is encouraging the mixture of cultures and cooperation within musicians from different genres. Jamie Collum, Carlos Sadness, the electro-flamenco singer Nita de Fuel Fandango and the rapper Frank T have written a song “Everything you didn’t do”, used as San Miguel’s slogan.

Furthermore, San Miguel wants to be positioned as a leader in the Spanish Music scene. The brand is sponsoring several Festivals:

Primavera Sound: an annual music festival which takes places in Barcelona in late May or early June. The festival focus on independent music, and is a showcase for newly established international and domestic acts.

Its first edition was in 2001, until 2009 the event was sponsored by Estella Damm, but in 2010 San Miguel succeeded as the main festival sponsor.

Primavera Club: is a pre—Festival organized in 3 different cities: Guimaraes, Madrid and Barcelona. The 2012 edition in Barcelona starts today, and will finish this Saturday. The event in Madrid will be hosted tomorrow and Saturday night.

Additionally, together with the International Music Observatory the company has organized Primavera Pro, a series of conferences that take place in Madrid and Barcelona with the purpose of discussing the current status of live music in Spain, and specifically the local scene in these two cities.

Optimus Primavera Pro: a festival organized in Porto. Its first edition was in 2012, and the 2nd edition is organized from the 30th of May to 1st of June 2013.

Bilbao BBK Live: a Rock and pop music festival that takes place in Bilbao since 2006. The 2013 edition will be from 11 to 13 of July.

Festival Mas i Mas: summer Music Festival in Barcelona organized by the Mas i Mas Group. Live concerts of Jazz, Flamenco, Hip-hop, Techno, gospel…

San Miguel also owns a concert venue in Madrid, Sala San Miguel. Important concerts are organized there every week.

As well as other brands, San Miguel has signed strategic alliances and partnered with local music artists, such as the recent Russian Red tour (who was at Berklee Valencia last week) in which she was performing The Beatles tunes.

As you can see, the company is really taking care of promoting good music in Spain and a great support for young artists.

Additional info:

Monica Manubens



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