The Coolest Live Show

In my first 2 posts, I showed you (in my opinion) the best ‘light’ show and best ‘laser’ show in the music scene today. Well now this post brings the second best light show in the game today, Unphrey’s Mcgee. I personally think they were directly inspired by Phish to create such a vibrant, extravagant array of lights, especially because they too come from the ‘jam band’ genre.

None the less, they bring an insane amount of lights to the stage and ‘dance’ and ‘jam’ with the rest of the band while they bring you along their tasty journey of that specific night. From one show to the next, Umphrey’s rocks the house and amazes audiences all over the world. Fortunately for me, they are from Chicago and I was lucky enough to spend every New Years Eve (or the day before) seeing them play at our local downtown venue, The Aragon Ballroom. Easily 4 years in a row with numerous other shows in between, I was mesmerized and hooked for life. enjoy

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