The Best in Festivals & Conferences: Kazantip


CH. IX – Kazantip

Kazantip looks f**d up. Really. I wanted to write about it because I still don’t really understand if it’s a music festival, a country or a giant sex party. Whatever it is I want to go, but first let me do a bit of research.

Ok so either their branding is amazing, or the organizers are slightly crazy (both probably). Kazantip seems like an electronic & dance music festival, Eastern European style. The festival is held yearly in Crimean peninsula in Ukraine and goes on for about a month non-stop, 21 hours a day. It starts in July until the end of August and welcomes around 100 000 people.

They probably smoked some good stuff but their project looks pretty well established. Kazantip is presented as a Republic where the festival passes are called visas and where the festivalgoers are proclaimed citizens. Kind of like Shambhala, which I wrote about earlier, the festival is an excuse for a giant reunion of like-minded individuals in a utopian society with its own laws and rules in opposition with the outside (normal) world. This is the perfect example of festival (or event) focused on the experience primarily rather than on the music. Hundreds of DJs perform there alongside dancers, musicians, and other performers spread over 6 dance floors by the ocean. There are also loads of bars and restaurants, open-air cinemas, and kite-surfing stations. Kazantip is governed by the President of the Republic, the founder of the festival, and has its own foreign ministry, which takes care of all communication with the “imperfect world outside.” There you will also find ministers of happiness, dance and rave, intellect, visuals and illusions, etc. Visit ( for more info.

International Festival? Kazantip is looking to expand overseas such as other electronic music festivals like Mutek and Sonar have been doing. They are openly inviting people to propose partnerships with them on their website at

Finally, Kazantip citizens are encouraged to be free and walk around naked if they wish too. Actually in all the videos I’ve seen, there is a lot of nakedness. I would love to post here all the videos I found but I’ll let you find them yourself. But check this one out, it’s the initial speech of the President, simply amazing.

4 thoughts on “The Best in Festivals & Conferences: Kazantip

  1. Je vous imagine fort bien dévêtu et intoxiqué, gambadant au rythme des musicalités synthétiques extravagantes de cet evènement festif, voire bestial. Car l’homme n’est-il pas simplement animal ? Et le monde dans lequel il vit, jungle ? Et s’il y a bien un endroit qui vit au rythme de sa musicalité, n’est-ce pas cette même jungle, ou des centaines de strates musicales se superposent, où les décibels s’entrechoquent, pour former cette unique mélodie ? Qui eut cru qu’un tel chaos puisse s’avérer symbiose ? Et chacun, en bout de ligne, y trouve son compte. Du scarabé à la panthère, du singe-hurleur au tapir. Comme à Kazantip.

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