Last day i received an email by Music Xray, an interesting platform who every week targets listeners for evaluating how they perceive the songs suggested. In the most of the cases it promotes major artists whose tracks are potential singles eventough still not huge in terms of popularity and listenings. The process starts with targeting a certain number of audience (40 – 60) and the final aim is to turn the participants into fans of the artist/band while providing a calculation related to the ratio of people following the artist. Thank’s to a click, they are added to the mailing list and considered “acquired fans”. However, the statistic takes into account also people who doesn’t click the song. The cost of acquired fan is $0,66 if just one of two users is following the songwriter, that’s because the platform charges him 0.33 for each potential fan and in exchange the artist will be given his email address and link for facebook profile. Once again is another tool for improving the realtionship between the two and it’s very useful for evaluating how fast a certain artist is able to acquire fans, in comparison with other competitors of the same music cathegory. In addition, the listeners are targeted regarding their tastes and the style preferred. Finally all that is measured will be the level of engagement and this is necessary for adding value to the music.


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