A&R (Artist & Repertoire)

I believe that A&R is such an important department in a label and also just in an artist career. They help make or break the artist. There use to be great A&R’s for example Berry Gordy at Motown Records. Motown was very successful in making hit songs and superstars. In today’s music world, A&R’s have changed tremendously. 


Sony will be getting a new VP of A&R soon. Songwriter, Salaam Remi will be heading to Sony to take this position. 


Salaam Remi has worked with many artist from The Fugees to Amy Winehouse, Miguel and Alicia Keys. His most recent credits is Alicia Keys new title single “Girl On Fire”. He even has film credits with the recent remake of Sparkle featuring Whitney Houston. 


With discovering artist and keeping them on the charts being very difficult can A&R’s make new superstars that will actually be relevant and go down in history as artist. Remi has lots of new appoints with NeYo being in A&R at Motown and the Dream at Def Jam. 

Will they make stars… or single hits? 



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