No more copyright in China?!

The main six revenue streams of record label and the copyright collective society in China are from website such as baidu or sogou, Karaoke such as Redbox or neway, Telecommunication Company, broadcasting, background music used by commercial center and from the live performance. However, record label and the copyright collective society still suffer for not getting a full amount of copyright fee due to the incomplete regulation and system and this depressed the talented music composer to compose music.

This April, China had announced the draft resolution for amended the copyright regulation yet triggered the music industry. Numerous music composers in China had disputed about the regulations, one of the contentions is No.48 regulation: “ After three months the record been launched, every music producer could applied the creation on their own record without the permission of the original composer.” So that means the copyright will flows into the public domain!!!

If the government of China amended the regulation according to the draft resolution, I assumed the music industry in China would gradually dead because no composer would willing to compose if their music could not be respect by people and talent drain would become an issue in the music industry too!!!



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