Syd Tha Kid and Odd Future Go For Extreme “Shock Factor”

The semi-underground hip hop group Odd Future has been repeatedly blasted forits misogynistic and very offensive lyrics. But, their producer, Syd Tha Kid, is female. How does that work?

I think Odd Future is trying to popularize a new genre: Punkhop. Or Hippunk? Their lyrics are reminiscent of the shock factor of some types of punk culture. Their lyrics aren’t just misogynistic, they jab at many different groups of people. Because of this, it is hard to believe that they actually hate all of these types of people. Historically, many different artists, musical, literary, and visual, have created works for the sole purpose of getting a reaction from somebody. Whether the reaction is positive or negative doesn’t matter to them. It also doesn’t mean the person who creates it is expressing his or her own personality.

Perhaps Syd Tha Kid and the other members of Odd Future are actually misogynistic. But, I think they are mostly going for shock factor, given the amount of other slurs about other groups of people. People may accuse them of perpetuating misogynistic stereotypes in hip hop. Maybe punk and hip hop clash as cultures. However, this almost comes across as parodical of these stereotypes…they do it so much I don’t think they mean for listeners to take them seriously. I mean come on, look at the full name of the group: “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”. Syd Tha Kid herself says, “I look at it like most people do when you hear something outrageous. You go, ‘Aw, that was fucked up,’ ” she says. “And then you hear it again, and it’s like, ‘That’s really fucked up.’ And then you hear it so many times you just start laughing, like, ‘That is so fucked up!’ But it’s hilarious, and that’s when you start to take life a little less seriously.” — from “Syd the Kyd Could Be Hip-Hop’s Next Lesbian Icon”,

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