Mathew Knowles and Music World Entertainment

Mathew Knowles is very well known as a great manager for many artist, but especially for the female group Destiny’s Child and his superstar daughter, Beyonce! For a while now, his label/management company Music World Entertainment has managed careers of many artist such as Amber Bullock, From Above, etc. His label also includes work from Earth Wind and Fire, The O’Jays and Chaka Khan just to name a few.


Although he no longer manages his daughter Beyonce he still continues to oversee Destiny’s Child. They are no longer active but released a compilation last month and will have a DVD to follow in 2013.  In a recent interview he talked about his company and the evolving marker. 


He noted that sync licensing was a brand-building tool but now has become much more important. He described it as a great way to gain exposure. 



He stated that radio was still important but in the new market fans discovers music through syncing. “Audience=Sales” . “fan’s attention spans are short” So it’s important to cover all avenues of media to make them available to their audience. 



They have a great catalog and some of his most significant revenue is from having a relationship with music supervisors. They have been able to have over 45 commercials with Samsung, Pepsi. And also branched off into film. He stated that the best deal that a Music World artist received was when Beyonce made the deal with Samsung with B’Phone. 

Music World strategy have seem to be working with focusing on marketing and promotions. With those aspects being the hardest in grabbing fans attention. He also noted that Gospel Music isn’t getting the play that it should.


I agree that Music World does have some of the best upcoming gospel artist who have great commercial work . But because of “prejudices some people have against using any music termed gospel, it’s hart to get music supervisors to connect”. I personally think this is where is company falls the worst.

He suggested that technology make something that could connect people looking to buy licenses with the music that is right, cost effective and based on criteria alone. Mood, BPM (Beats per minute) , usage being things to look upon. This could create many opportunities not just for Music World but all the other management companies out there.  

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