You Should Have Spotify Premium


Yeah I’m talking to you. You and the kid with the free Spotify account sitting through commercials, listening to lower quality music through 300 Dollar “Dre Beats”. I bet you a ten dollar bill you’ve lost enough ten dollar bills in your couch pillows to get you Spotify premium for the next ten years. And for those of you quick to jump on that last statement.. shut up. It’s a metaphor for wasting money on bullshit.

I don’t work for Spotify, and I don’t have money invested with them. I’m writing this because I am sick and tired of uninformed spoiled assholes bitching about Spotify being expensive. I like music enough to know that streaming is the future of recorded music. I also like music enough to know that Spotify is propelling this future, and that they need to do good, in fact better than they are doing now, in order for artists to make money. And finally I like music enough to know that 10 bucks a month for a service like Spotify is cheap as f*ck.

Spotify has about 5 Million paying subscribers and I think that by 2015 that will have more than doubled. So get in early with the hip and cool kids. You want to be hip and cool don’t you?!? The more profitable Spotify is, the more musicians can make, and if it is going down that road anyways let’s get it over with. If you are currently a free user of Spotify, STOP READING THIS AND GO GET SPOTIFY PREMIUM. SERIOUSLY.

Here is a list I made of Ten (10) TEN things that you can buy for about TEN dollars.

1. 20 Million + (20 000 000 +) tracks of music, at your unlimited disposal. Ad free. Whenever you want them. In high quality.

2. 1/3 of a hat from the hat store.

3. A pack of 3 white socks.

4. One single album on iTunes.

5. Two coffees and a chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks.

6. A hand of Blackjack.

7. A ticket to a B-list 2-D movie at the theaters. (Or 1/2 a ticket to Avengers 3D)

8. Cover charge at a bar you didn’t want to go to in the first place.

9. A cocktail from that bar that you bought for some stranger that won’t even sleep with you.

10. about ten rides on the Valencia bus system. Could have walked. Lazy shit.

Now if I gave you $10 to spend. And you honestly had to choose what your 10 dollar investment would be out of these things, what would you pick? If it’s anything other than number 1 or number 6 you should be kicked out of music school (if you actually are in music school, apparently normal people read this blog too) and denied access to music forever. In all seriousness people need to stop bitching about music prices. It’s not a lot. I have a premium account on Spotify, I pirate the hell out of entire discogs when I feel like it, because I can, AND I still buy albums on the regular. Probably more than most people these days.

It is ok to not like Spotify or be against it’s business model or whatever the hell else.. but If you actually use Spotify and you are not a paying member think about how important music is in your life and how much it is worth to you. Now give yourself a little shake of the head, and say no the next time the bartender tries to charge you 10 bucks for a taste of poison… at least once a month anyways.

Phillip Richard

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2 thoughts on “You Should Have Spotify Premium

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, but I feel like Spotify is the last stretch. Music is cheaper than people think. In fact, 10 years ago, with the same concept in mind, once CD’s took over you could waltz over to the store down the street and buy one for 8 dollars. 8 Dollars would give you a piece of your idols work, its artwork, its lyrics, all the information on who contributed to it, and an extremely high quality recording of music that you could rip to any computer or blast out of your car on the road (I MEAN high quality. CDs > Vinyl vs price) and the best part? Replay value. For 7 Bucks you could spend hours, or even DAYS cranking the shit out of that sucker.
    We spend 10 bucks to watch a movie (albeit million dollar production) just ONCE.
    Since we got stingy, we said that wasn’t enough, and now the industry has RESORTED (not chosen) to spotify. And What in the hell happens next when the world doesn’t even want to spend that 10 bucks for a spotify membership? Not only are we killing artist incentives to actually spend time in putting out a good record in hopes of recouping, but we’re killing the industry itself. If we love music so much, why the !$#@% aren’t people spending money for the entertainment they crave? We can’t rely on super fans forever.

  2. Excellent comment. Holy guacamole. I know, I actually miss the physical parts and liner notes and what have you. The problem with music is that all these new formats seems to devalue the hell out of it. Spotify came out of the blue and practically told the record labels how the future of the biz was going to go down. I bet after the streaming era, everything will just be free. Paying for recorded music will be as dead as Carlos Gesualdo’s wife.

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