White girl rapping… the next bit hit?

Give me one famous rapper who is a white girl. Do you know any? 


Human beings like to have leaders in many things they do, especially in music. In the early 90s very few white guys dared to get up on stage and rap. A few years later, once Eminem was out and getting big, there where white rappers all over the place, because they finally had a leader. Eminem became the trademark for white rapping. If you ask any average person in the street, who is the white male icon for rapping, they will answer Eminem. 

Girls rapping is slowly becoming a new trend. There are many female black people rapping and a few of them are already world wide famous. But no white girl… “Yes but white girls can’t rap”. Are you kidding me? That sounds oddly familiar to what people said before Eminem came out. “White guys can’t rap”. And he proved them wrong. There’s a gap in the music industry for the white female icon of rapping.

There’s a few white girls on youtube rapping, but none of them are real rappers. I’m not talking about a girl with a good voice and rapping skills. Nor am I talking about cheesy rap and wearing all kinds of popstyle clothing to attract attention. The girl I’m talking about, she’s got to have the “don’t fuck with me” attitude, she’s got the guts to stand up and get criticized and she dresses like a rapper in her every day life. She raps in her everyday life, and that’s all she does. In other words, she’s got the identity of a rapper, and she’s got something to say.

2 thoughts on “White girl rapping… the next bit hit?

  1. The only one I can think of is Kreayshawn (and the White Girl Mob). They aren’t really that famous but they were getting some notoriety in the US. But it would be awesome if there were more white girl rappers!

  2. Yeah actually I heard about Kreayshawn. It’s interesting that you mention that, because although she raps, she doesn’t strike me as a rapper but more as a pop artist who raps. What I mean to say is that she doesn’t really have the identity of a rapper. Whereas Gavlyn has the identity of a rapper. Check this out :

    If you google Kreayshawn and check her images, you see that her clothing style is more pop, meaning that her everyday lifestyle is not rap. Although what she’s doing is interesting, mixing rap and pop. It’s also like Karmin, she raps in some of her songs, and she’s really good, but she’s not 100% rapper in her everyday life.

    The huge gap in the market that I’m seeing is a white girl that’s 100% dedicated to rap in everything she does, clothing, attitude, music, behavior, language… And I agree with you, it would be awesome if there are more white girl rappers! Thanks for your comment!

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