Somebody is Still Selling Records!

ImageWith record sales going down due to technology, we find one artist is actually doing pretty well. From getting interrupted when receiving an award to selling 1.2 Million in the 1st week, Taylor Swift is doing well. Her new record “Red” ranked the highest first week sales in over a decade with over 1.2 million copies sold in the first week (Billboard Report). It has the strongest sales since Eminem’s CD in 2002. With “Eminem Show” selling 1.3 copies 

This album makes Swift the only woman to have two million-selling weeks since SoundScan began keeping track of album sales in 1991. Her first album sold 1 million copies in the first week. So clearly, country singer-songwriter has gained new fans and has hooked them without any perks. Just peer musicality and a great marketing team. 

This album also holds the 18th record to sell 1 million copies in the first week since 1991. Britney Spears holds the number one rank with her “Oops.. I Did It Again” at 1.319 million copies sold. Red had three main models of selling with number 1 in ITune sales, 2 with Target sales, and 3 with Papa Johns Pizza. Papa Johns made a deal to sell her album with pizza. What a better way? Reports haven’t shown physical cd sale numbers. But still she’s on the role. She beat out a lot of other artist who have good reps such as R&B Diva Brandy selling only 65,000 copies in the first week. 

This shows that people are still buying music. I don’t quite know exactly what it takes to sell, but clearly Taylor has the answers. Who will be next to make records like this…. We can only wait and see. 

-TreG Music

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