Movies: The Next Direction for Music Promotion?

I never quite understood the appeal of a “triple threat” popstar, Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus were always actors in my sight. I never once considered them musicians or pop stars when they ended up releasing their auto-tuned outside-written money-milkin’ pop records solely because what they were known and (debatably) good for was acting in their movies. Then again, if you’re really enthused by Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman singing and dancing instead of starring their iconic roles as Barney Stinson and the Wolverine respectively, that’s an opinion we don’t quite share. Granted, it’s always cool to know that your favorite stars are multifaceted.

With this video I believe we’re entering a realm where not only do we promote our music through branding and products, but now we have artists that are moving their album themes to the big screen. Hollywood’s Black Veil Brides announced that their 19 track up and coming thematic concept album would have a spot in theaters.

Now, if this was something that Rihanna or Ke$ha were doing, I would not be too thrilled, solely because their music and image don’t really represent something theatrical to be put on screen. In my opinion, it’s just milking the cash cow if there was no spirit behind it. Here, however, I think there is a creativity as a force behind creating this film. The movie, titled “Legion of the Black” will apparently be based on the concept behind their album: as their new album will be focusing on rebels who are oppressed from a society called “F.E.A.R”. So no, it’s not looking to be like Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” or Katy Perry’s “Part of Me”; this movie is looking to be fully based on the creative material within the album.

Marilyn Manson attempted something like this a few years back, something excited a lot of people due to his shock rock theatrical image. Unfortunately for him, it just did not seem to pan out. Perhaps Black Veil Brides will have a little more luck than Manson in that they’ll be able to successfully deliver this. We’ll just have to wait for the results in 2013.

Do you think it’s a good idea? Personally I think it is. I always wanted to delve into the meaning of an album and why the music is written the way it is, what the lyrics of a song mean, and how the delivery of the overall album depicts its own story. I believe representing it in a movie is the next level from that.

7 thoughts on “Movies: The Next Direction for Music Promotion?

  1. Really interesting concept. I think if you can afford something like this then why not? I am a fan of Coheed and Cambria and they have something similar happening with “The Amory Wars”. We will probably see a lot more of this in the future. Also on the other end of the musical spectrum, Jack Johnson (and a lot of his friends) become popular in the music world through movies they made of themselves surfing that featured their original tunes. These two worlds definitely share common ground. Nice post hombre

  2. I think it’s a great idea but like you said, only if the artist fits with the artistry of the film business. We had plans to release a project solely to fit a movie that we were self directing. Our idea never took shape due to the fact that our group split up but I think it would’ve been great to promote our music to a new level. Good post and great blog btw!

  3. Great post Nishad! I totally agree, making a movie is an excellent way for artists to promote themselves. I think any type of movie (documentary, story, focused more on the album, or focused on the artists lifestyle…) can be successful for the artist. It really depends on the artists history, if he’s had lifetime success, a story about the guys life is amazing to watch. Whereas if he’s still young and growing, explaining the album meaning and lyrics as you said is awesome to understand the guys music!

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