The Best in Festivals & Conferences: Ibiza International Music Summit



The Ibiza International Music Summit (IMS) is a hub for the world’s leading professionals in dance and electronic music. It is held annually in Ibiza at the end of May and lasts 3 days. It is really an electronic music festival combined with a serious music summit/conference offering the opportunity for all businessmen and artists to listen and be apart of vital conversations with the world’s leading figures across music, business and digital strategy. Most of the artists, DJs and keynote speakers from the music industry partake in forward-thinking discussions, interviews, panels, case studies and conferences about the latest trends and strategies in the music (dance & electronic) industry on topics such as Twitter, Spotify, Touring models, Foursquare, etc.

The IMS obviously features networking events and a bunch of parties & shows such as the IMS Grand Finale Festival, a spectacular open-air celebration of the very best in modern electronic music with DJs such as Pete Tong, Carl Cox, E.A.S.E. from Nightmares On Wax, Calvin Harris, Bob Sinclair, etc.


Ibiza being such the important platform it is for electronic and dance music; it just seems logical that the EDM summit was set-up there. It’s been running since 2008 and has grown since to welcome, yearly, about 425 paying delegates (285 euros registration fee) 100 artists, 250 media person, 200 sponsors attendees and 25 000 PARTY PEOPLE (clubbers) attending IMS related events and parties.

This seems like one of the most important place for Managers of DJs to create contacts and partnerships. It also gives a great exposure to DJs who are participating in the event or in related events in clubs around Ibiza.

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