The Coolest Live Show

In my first post, I showed you the coolest and wildest light show in the live music scene today. That was Phish, and yes they do have the wildest ‘light’ show in the game today.

Now I am bringing you the coolest and weirdest futuristic light show in the game today, Ghostland Observatory’s lazer show. They set up with a few lights, but mainly with their 7 multi-colored lazers. They strategically place the 7 seven rainbow colored machines around the stage and synchronize them with the music. It is by far, the newest and wildest lazer show in the game today.

While they tour from show to show and festival to festival, their visual experience attracts more and more fans every time. Coming from Texas, this duo is humble and excited to share their live performance with new fans everywhere. They are the first to use these new high-tech lazers in this way and no one has even tried to copy them at this level. enjoy

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