Have some balls!

We all know that today there’s so much competition in the musicians world, we all know that musical talent is not enough anymore. So what can musicians do to stick out? HAVE GUTS!! Have the guts to do things that other musicians don’t dare to do! Have the guts to stand and show people that you love your music so much that you don’t care who, when or where people are watching and judging you. They will respect you for that.

I’m going to give an example of “having guts” with the story of Bastian Baker, a young Swiss pop/rock artist. His music is cool and catchy but it’s nothing new. However, one of his strengths are his balls, and he used them well. He figured, why not play my songs in an airplane? Why not create a movement? I might get full rejection, but I might also get all the passengers loving me. After all, the airplaine is kind of like a venue, people are sitting down, they want to be entertained, they are all facing the same way. Let’s do this! I’m going make this plane flight a gig.

So he stands up with his guitar, plays a few songs, and the people are happy to watch. Next thing you know, the local student’s press is running after him to talk about his little show because it’s fun and young people like the idea. The idea was great, and maybe many guys thought of doing this too, but the difference is, he had the guts to do it. In 2010, he had only 1 original song. Now his first album came out, he is famous in Switzerland and expanding towards France.

Depending on the crazy things you do to attract attention, you will get into trouble. You will have people looking at you thinking “what the hell are you doing kid?!?”. But guess what, you will also have the media running after you, talking about your funny story, and you end up being history before you even know it.

2 thoughts on “Have some balls!

  1. Great post Felipe, I think it’s a perfect example of finding this so called “hole in the market”. The thing is the never ending question: how did he started this? How did he get his first time gig in an airplane? Networking with someone at the company or was it just spontaneous and then they though it was a good idea? I did a quick research but couldn’t find anything about this just a video in french!!. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That’s a great question, I heard there was some networking behind. I heard it was EasyJet the airline company that was celebrating something (more than x years of flying or so) and they asked someone to organize something special. But the point is, even without any connections behind, if you do stuff like this, you stick out, and eventually people start talking about you.

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