Are Teens Still Buying Music?

With the CD sales declining and piracy issues everyone has the question “are people still buying music?” and if so 
“who’s doing it”. Its been very hard for artist to make revenue from new albums are songs. 


In recent studies by the American Assembly at Columbia University, they are aiming to highlight generational divides in attitudes towards sharing music. Studies show that the average person in 18-29 year old age group had 813 files that we downloaded for free and copied from friends or family. The Nielsen Music 260 report released in August that 36% of teens have bought a CD in the last year. 51% of teens have bought a music download in the last year. 


This shows that kids are still buying music. Even though they have been “written off to piracy”. They still get music through file-sharing services just as other age groups. 

A large portion of an average young person music collection is being captured by copying and downloading. Companies like Spotify and YouTube are trying to turn these illegal acts into money for right holders. YouTube has been said the main source of music discovery. 


A lot of people are starting to stream now. You pay for subscriptions and get to stream as much music as you would like. The study suggests a large number of young people are getting their music from legal streaming sources now and a lot of them are paying for it! 


How will effect the artist and labels…Are you buying music? 


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