The Coolest Live Show

There are many bands out there that enjoy playing live. And there are many fans that really enjoy seeing their favorite band live. My favorite band, is Phish. Not only because their music melts your muscles while springing them up and around with every groove, but because their live show is beautiful.

Hands down, Phish has the best light show in the music industry today. It’s been that way for a while too. His name is Chris Kuroda; some call him the 5th member of the band. He started doing the lights for phish way back when they were just getting started in late 80’s. It was by accident the first time, someone didn’t show up so he took over the lights to help out. History unfolded as it should have since and now we are lucky enough to be graced with the guy’s illumines masterpiece.

He sets the stage with around 50 lights, i’ve counted them numerous times, but i always get a different number. Then he hangs in the middle of the crowd, watching the show and and ‘jamming’ with every song. Each and every show is a different visual experience, accompanying to bands style of never playing the same thing twice.

So if you like wild grooves influenced by just about every genre mixed professionally into one full 2 set + encore performance, and a sea of love and life bouncing up and down around the room with wide smiles and pure bliss while steaming crescendos throw everyone into a frenzy, then yes this is the concert for you.

ENjoy this video, watch the whole thing and listen to the lyrics too – all around winner.

2 thoughts on “The Coolest Live Show

  1. Ya sweet! It hit me a few years ago how lights are now becoming more and more important in music events. What music alone isn’t good enough? People’s attention span is too little now? Anyways, I can’t blame them, I love light shows as well. Especially at electronic music concerts lights are sometimes what people come to see first, and then the artist. I wonder if we’re gonna have light engineer superstars soon..Check out this light show & video mapping from Pretty Lights. Unreal.

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