From the desk of Richard Walters

Richard Walters is an independent singer/songwriter from Oxford. His new album “Regret Less”, released in October 15th 2012, was autoproduced for the first time by himself. In his letter he says that is a good thing  to find financial support from the label, provided that the recording, mixing and mastering process represent an high expense. However this doesn’t make the artist free to make individual decisions about it. In the letter he just expresses the

will to let people hear his music not just because of money but because they could really feel engaged by it. He also talks about the importance to share music with friends, ’cause it happened to him at a time when he was just listener. Most records of his collection come from “personal reccomendations” , something they could not keep for themselves.

His aim is to let talk about his music and sharing it along with this letter. Finally he remembers the meeting with an A&R person, stating: “You’re great artist, but you’re the kind of artst that needs to die before they sell any serious units – It’s a Nick Drake situation” he said.

The blogs wants to express the need to support independent artists through simple spread of voice or ‘word of mouth’.

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