Music and Luxury Brands (III.)

The use of music as a marketing tool by luxury brands is relative to each brand. It is also hard to directly quantify its impact and influence on sales. But with so many things grabbing the attention of the consumers nowadays (from interactive media, animation, social media among others) and in an attempt to continually engage consumers and the public, some have taken it to the next level.

Since 2007, luxury jeweller brand Cartier has invited international artists to their interpretation of the question/campaign “How far would you go for love?”

In this video “Painted Love” by AIR, the focus of the music doesn’t seem as clear here (not that it really matters?), since it competes with a visual plot that almost seems like a short film. The culmination here is the artist’s obsession with his “painted love”. This is not just watches and jewelry anymore. Overall the central element is using music and art as a motivation and the elements of love, and the love in line with Cartier’s campaign.

“Painted Love” is set to be a three-part series of exclusive collaborations between musicians and filmmakers for Cartier’s campaign, which will culminate in this year.


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